Why I unsubscribed from the Old Republic… and resubbed WoW

Last night I realized that I hadn’t logged in to the Old Republic for almost […]

Last night I realized that I hadn’t logged in to the Old Republic for almost 2 weeks now. I figured that was a good enough indication to cancel my subscription. I thought about the reasons why I wasn’t logging in, what was it that wasn’t keeping me interested, and a whole slew of other things.

I am not a person that’s scared of repetition. Some of my more mundane achievements that I had earned in WoW are a testament to that. When World of Warcraft was first released there was a huge chunk of time before I considered things I was doing in-game to be tedious tasks in order to get from goal A to goal B. Even then, the things I did do repeatedly (such as running Stratholme, Scholomance, or Upper Blackrock Spire) I enjoyed doing even without Gandling dropping my Valor helm.

Let me say that I don’t consider myself an alt person. Did I have them in WoW? Absolutely, but only after I considered my main in a position where there wasn’t anything to do to improve himself outside of raids. Before I stopped logging in I had been level 50 for almost 2 weeks. In that time I was able to out-gear almost every other Sorcerer I came across in terms of Force power, bonus damage, crit chance, crit multiplier, and activation time. I even healed half the time, respeccing as needed. I ran raids to get gear too and was able to craft a bunch of the epic Biochemical items only usable by me.

Some may say that I rushed through content, which I disagree with. I level fast but I am also thorough. I completed almost every quest hub on every planet along the way, including the bonus series for each one. Generally when I went to a new planet, I was higher level than generally recommended because of all the content I did run.

I didn’t run any Warzones till I hit 50, and once I did I hit Valor level 20 (before the broken zerging going on now on Ilum), and picked up quite a bit of PvP gear (including enough extra gear where I could start giving it to companions).

I share this information not to brag but to illustrate what I had done in-game in this short time period.

And at this point, every day was the same, and it was not fun. I had two options. I could go to Ilum and slog through the daily quests which are slow going, queue for Warzones, or sit on the Fleet looking for Flashpoint groups. And if you were doing one it definitely excluded the other two. And I wasn’t running the Flashpoints because they were fun. In fact it was the exact opposite.

In WoW I didn’t mind running random dungeons just for the fun of it. In the Old Republic I went into Flashpoints with 2 goals. One, completing my daily and putting credit towards my weekly. Two, social points in hopes of being able to be a stereotypical nerd and buy the “Social Armor” from Nar Shadaa for Ashara. Read that last sentence as “putting my female Jedi-turned-not-Sith-but-not-Jedi companion in Princess Leia slave armor.” Sure there were some other fun items I wanted from Social Points too.

At the end of it, I wasn’t having fun. And ultimately that’s your primary motivation. Maybe fun is top-tier raiding or PvP. Perhaps it’s random achievements. No matter what fun is to you, if you are not having fun, why play?

I don’t feel like I need to go over too many points of what ultimately made me decide to quit playing the Old Republic. I talked about what I felt were issues fairly extensively in this post.

But there was an unusual turn of events Thursday, when my good friend “Warbull/Freshmaker” instant messaged me with the statement “IT IS DONE.” Puzzling, I inquired what he meant.

He had resubscribed to Warcraft. Much to my shock. I thought about that for a minute. If he was playing again, I already knew some of my other friends were still playing. And then I learned that Lassirra of “The Hunter’s Mark” and “Dungeon Play” had their entire guild transfer to Illidan a few weeks ago.

I took it as a sign. So I remoted into my home computer and started patching and have found myself playing World of Warcraft again.

So there’s that.


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